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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

Snap: A Peep Inside.

Last Sunday I visited Lacock Abbey which is situated on the edge of the beautiful Wiltshire village of Lacock. The abbey and the village itself were given to the National Trust in 1944 thus keeping both preserved through the passage of time. Both are frequently used for locations for films and TV dramas. This is the first view of the abbey as you approach along the drive from the visitor centre.

Today to join in with Helena's Snap I am giving you one of my "through views". This time we are peeping in through the doors.
1. You enter the Abbey at the back directly into the cloisters originating back to the Middle Ages when the abbey was a nunnery which it remained until the Dissolution of the Monasteries by Henry VIII. The doorway peeps through to one of the cloister windows overlooking the inner court yard.

2. It's not difficult to imagine the nuns still wandering through the cloisters but they also have a more modern notoriety as one of the locations in several of the Harry Potter films.

3. and 4. The church part of the abbey was destroyed but the rest became a home for nobility and eventually belonged to the Talbot family. I shall tell you more about the most famous member of this family tomorrow. A lot of the rooms are long, thin and high where they were previously occupied
 by the nuns. They all lead off each other giving a feeling of anticipation from one room to the next.


Tomorrow I will back with some more specific details of this very historic house.


  1. love the shape of all those doorways and how the rooms seem to go on and on and of course I recognise that corridor

  2. Haven't been to Lacock for so many years. Love the photo of the cloistered corridor with the shadows

  3. Those doorways are beautiful. I've never been to Lacock, but as we have friends who live fairly near, that may change.

  4. I used to live near Lacock and went there to exercise a friends horse, it's a lovely village to visit. I have been back but that was about 5 years ago. I love to see your 'through' photos.

  5. What lovely glimpses we get through the doors of your photos.

  6. I love all your series with looking through from one scene to another!