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Saturday, 13 August 2016

Bicycles Galore

I thought I would show a few more of the possibilities that I have found for No 10 of the Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt namely A Bicycle.
This one is ready for a journey on top of a car.

A less modern one. I guess this doesn't count as a bicycle.

I only just spotted this next one and couldn't quite work out why it was there.

Another vintage specimen.

A few powered bikes for that little bit of help on the hill ( always useful in the West Country).

I don't know if you noticed that this one above had a license for a mechanically propelled vehicle.

Then a couple of modern versions of the assisted bike.

You may have heard the expression "you never see a farmer on a bicycle" as a suggestion that they are not as poor as many a farmer may claim. Well on our farm you might. This bike is often parked up in various locations having been used by one of them to get up and down the track to the chicken houses.


  1. I love bicycles. I think I have enough shots now for a post similar to this. Love the little red one. (I tried to send you a response to your email tonight, but it was sent back as undeliverable---twice. I'm in a hotel, so I'll try again when we get home. Weird, since I've already sent you an email earlier.)

  2. A good selection of bicycle photos. For me, they've been the easiest to find this year but I'm struggling with some of the others - need to get my thinking cap on!

  3. Great collection - so the second one, as well as being a tricycle must be a two penny farthing I guess?