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Wednesday, 24 August 2016

Snap: Pretty Pink

Another Wednesday has come whizzing round. So it's time for Helena's Snap. This week I have chosen some beautiful pink flowers.

1. This delightful hollyhock was in the garden at Barrington Court. I wish I could grow some like this!

2. This poppy was from the same location.

3. I do like a plant that tells a story. This mystery plant I bought at a craft sale in St Merryn Village Hall in Cornwall. We had wandered in after a rather wet walk. It was the Queen's jubilee week and we had parked our car at Trevose Lighthouse and walked to St Merryn where we were staying. It had a label by it when I bought it but didn't write it down. I have kept it in a pot and it flowers every year without fail!

4. I bought this pretty scabious last year. I kept it in a pot until this spring and the moment it is doing well.


  1. Pink! Beautiful pink SNAP collection. One can never go wrong with pink flowers. I like hollyhocks but cannot grow, they get the mould so I stopped trying. Your third flower, the mystery one growing in the pot, I have something similar (not quite identical) I will go look for a photo of mine to compare. I am thinking on the lines of Malva sylvestris ...

  2. Further to my original comment; could photo #3 be Sidalcea Malviflora????

  3. All so pretty. You should drop by Friday's Hunt at
    this week as the word of the week is pink!

  4. How pretty. I think I've probably said before that I have a thing for poppies after seeing how they grow alongside your roads. We don't have that here

  5. Your flowers are holding up well. Between the drought and the high temperatures, mine are fading faster than usual this year despite some watering. Your photos are lovely, as always.

  6. beautiful...I can almost feel the texture of that poppy!!

  7. What a nice collection of photos. I gathered several of hollyhocks this year in various places, they seem to have done very well this year. I always love plants with a story.