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Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Snap : The Gate

This week my choice for Snap is another "looking through ". This time to join in with Helena I am looking through the gate .
1. On my visit to Wells last week this gate is found just to the left when you enter Vicars Close and takes you through to a flight of old steps. I believe that they lead back over an arched bridge to the cathedral.

2. This is the view back through one of the gateways at the bottom of the steps shown above.


3. Again in Vicars Close, like this one most of the houses have rather interesting gates.     

4. Leaping then to Barrington Court Gardens peeping through the garden wall to the gardeners' implements. A pretty fancy garden shed.

5. Still at Barrington Court the view out from the redundant cattle sheds which are now a feature in the gardens.

Don't forget to pop and see what everyone else has been snapping this week.


  1. I love to see such craftmanship in a very functional item and allt hat beautiful warm yellow stone

  2. Gorgeous! all five of them! :)

  3. Keep stretching the rules, Maggie! This is a lovely set of your trademark 'looking through' style of photography.

  4. Love them! I took a photo "looking through" on a walk this week with friends, and said, Here's to Maggie," when I took it. :-)