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Monday, 1 August 2016

Memorandum Monday: The Second Family Gathering

Anyone who read my bog yesterday will know that this weekend has been one of birthdays. We are talking big birthdays. Thinking from the slant of Sian's Memorandum Monday two members of my family have leapt into a new decade this weekend. Look back to yesterday to read all about my sister Julie's 60th.
 Today however the most senior member of the farm has her 90th birthday. 

Our celebrations for this started yesterday with a family lunch in the garden.

There was Pimms on the lawn. Note that Ruby the dog is dressed for the occasion.

A buffet of food prepared by different members of the family.

The elevated position of the farm is not always ideal for outside eating. It can prove to be a little windy.

However generally the sun shone on us. There was time for a game of croquet.

Then most of the family were coaxed into a game of rounders. Guess who was the only person to gain two rounders? Well surprisingly me! Mainly achieved by whacking the ball straight into the field.

Then of course it was time for some new family photos to add to the ever expanding family album. 

Well done to our niece who managed to get down from upstairs and join this photo in the 12 seconds of the camera timer.

A lovely day was had by all and it gave the busy farmers a chance to relax after a hectic week. There will of course be further celebrations today.
 Wishing you all a great week whatever you may have planned.


  1. looks a glorious day of family celebration - Happy birthday to the new nonagenarian

  2. How lovely that you are all able to celebrate together. Happy Birthday to her!

  3. Lovely photos to mark a great occasion! So glad you had sunshine, despite a little wind.

  4. More lovely photos, and surely a lovely day!