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Tuesday, 16 August 2016

An "Eggcellent" Delivery

The same old jokes come out but we keep smiling. I am sure I have told you before of customer who just loves his "Eggcellent" joke. Perhaps we could arrange an extra service for our egg customers. I saw just the answer in the kitchen at Lacock Abbey. An egg delivery. Do you remember when you could have clotted cream sent by post?

How about eggs then? I am not sure I would trust the post service today to safely deliver them.

Who knows. It might just catch on!


  1. I can just see a service where you get delivery of eggs from a know hen - with a photo of her on the front !

  2. An old family friend who sadly is no longer with us once told me about being posted somewhere in the Hebrides during the war. One of the perks was being able to send eggs to his mother in London. Apparently they arrived fine wrapped in paper inside a tin! Your egg box looks much more the ticket!