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Sunday, 14 August 2016

Stalking Butterflies etc.

I took a wander down into the quarry to see what butterflies I could find. There were quite a lot to see but capturing them was another matter.

A lot of them only settled for short periods or were just out of reach. 

The long grass was also a hindrance as my camera tended to focus on everything other than the insect.

A bit of a breeze also didn't help with flowers gaily waving around.

It's because of insects and certain butterflies in particular that this plant Ragwort is not totally banned. It is controlled tightly on livestock farms. It is highly toxic to the liver of sheep and horses if inadvertently dried in hay. 

This fellow was very obliging and posed well for his photograph. The question is whether it is a dragonfly or damsel fly. I'd go for the former but I am open to being corrected!


  1. Lovely photos. The brown and orange butterfly is very pretty - a Comma? I don't know the difference between damsels and dragons - a question for Google I guess!

  2. beautiful colelction - wonderful variety you have there and looks like you've had some lovely sunshine too

  3. I don't think I've ever seen that many different, and beautiful, butterflies in one area except at the butterfly garden! Gorgeous creatures.