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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Snap: Under and Through the Bridges

I have chosen some pictures that I took on our boat trip last Friday to join in with Helena's Snap. Should you want to read more about my boat trip up the River Avon click here? I have chosen four pictures ( I could have added more!) taken as we approached various bridges.
1.There are many road bridges as you go through the docks and this one gives a glimpse of the urban scene with old warehouses, regeneration and the busy water traffic.

2.Through the arch of the Bristol Bridge people are viewing a floating garden called Seed of Change. It is based on an old ballast boat and grows plants that are not native to Britain but would have been brought in as seeds on Merchant ships in the when Bristol was a busy port.

3. Along the Feeder Canal which joins Bristol's floating harbour with the River Avon the view under this bridge leads on to the final picture of bridges but also depicts a disused warehouse in vivid red brick to the left.

4. Finally three bridges cross in close proximity one of which one is the link road from the A4 to the M32 across St Phillip's Marsh.


  1. Another clever idea. That's quite a collection of bridges for one trip. I know I've told you before, but I always like to see pictures of the older parts of Bristol, like the warehouses, which would have been there when my Dad was living there.

  2. great framing from the bridges and lovely representation of the changing views along the river - I do enjoy the low perspective of photos taken on boats

  3. Neat SNAP collection. I really like the framing on the second photo. A floating garden of non nature plants - umm, I wonder how they prevent, or do they even try, the seeds setting sail to other main land parts ...

  4. Oh! these are gorgeous Maggie, I have boating envy! I loved your post about the walk&talk groups outing!

  5. lovely tour of the very different bridges

  6. Another great framing idea! Love the third one.