Tuesday 20 August 2019

A Special Window

I thought I would share with you all the latest installation in our house. I have always hankered over having a stained glass window. I love coloured glass and have a friend who restores and designs stained glass. Refurbishing the farm house seemed an ideal opportunity to incorporate something of this kind. I had been left a bequest by my mother in law and I was looking for an appropriate way to use this.
We asked my friend to design a window which reflected all aspects of the farm. We wanted a rather abstract design and are delighted with the outcome. It is a combination of old and new glass. Different colours and textures are incorporated. There are also eggs, ears of corn, bales, hens, a tree and much more.

It is situated between the hall and our dining room. I am enjoying everyone's reaction to it and it looks particularly fabulous with the light on behind it. I know Joy would be pleased that I had spent the money on something specific but I suspect it's a little abstract for her taste!