Wednesday 4 August 2021

Snatching a Few Hours

 They say that all the English do is talk about the weather. When it comes to farming this is definitely the case. We are definitely dependent on the elements! A few evenings ago after heavy rain there was no chance at getting on with the combining.

Today we managed to fit in a few hours of combining in the afternoon after two dry days.

The stormy sky threatened rain which would have stopped the 

Fortunately all the winter barley was gathered in.

The next job will be to get the straw dry enough to bale and then later in the month to cut the spring barley and the wheat.

Tuesday 3 August 2021

Many: The Monthly Challenge for July.

July’s  photo challenge set by Eileen is the theme of ‘Many’. 
I will start with some finds around the farm. Firstly it has recently been shearing day this month and that means many sheep in one field.

It’s hot arduous work. The shearers travel from farm to farm setting up their equipment, shearing and then moving on. There are many fleeces to fold into the wool bags! 

Many degrees of heat caused this phenomenon. A mini whirlwind causing many pieces of grass floating in the air.

Haymaking meant many rows of drying grass.

Followed by many hay bales.

Many honey bees coming and going from the hive.

Then in the garden. Many stamens.

Many petals.

Plus drops of rain.

Many flower parts.

Lots of insects.

Many flowers.

Finally many red currents.


Wednesday 30 June 2021

D is for …..

 I am joining Eileen with her photo challenge for June. The subject this month is beginning with D. So here goes.

Daihatsu the general workhorse vehicle on the farm.

Dome. The roof of the Temple of Apollo at Stourhead.


Deck chairs at Bath’s outdoor entertainment area.

Dolls in a window in Bath.

Distance. The view of Bath from the hill to the South called Beechen Cliff.

Drips of rain on the barley.

Dog, well a dog sign anyway!

Dog in the Daisies.

Deer resting in my mum’s garden.

Damselflies resting on a pond.

Then finally some flowers where I have at times had to resort to the Latin name!

Dog Rose.



Then finally some Dahlias. These first two are seedling dahlias I have grown.

Then this last but not least is a dahlia bud from a new tuber.

That’s it! I shall be popping round to look at everyone else’s soon.