Thursday 31 August 2017

Take Three Thursday : A Few More Finds

I have three unexpected finds to share with you all today while joining in with Mary-Lou's Take Three Thursday. Yesterday I had to take Monty back to the vet for some tests. He needed some sedation so he was left there for the day. On the return journey to fetch him we had a bit of spare time so mum, my sister and I called into Kilver Court in Shepton Mallet for bit of a wander.
I shall tell you more about it tomorrow but for now I have chosen 3 photos taken there that I could consider for The Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt.
1. No. 4 A Zig Zag. I have given this item a lot of thought. I do have another photo up my sleeve but I did think this rope fence might just qualify.

2. No. 6 A Pipe.
I have found and posted a few for this but just look at these peeling pipes all over the wall of the old factory.

3. No. 22. A Dial. How many of these have I posted? 

This time is out my one hour during British Summertime, otherwise I am late picking up the dog!

Wednesday 30 August 2017

Busy Spiders

One item from the list for the Summer Photography Hunt has been very elusive to find. This is No. 3 A web. However I am getting more hopeful as suddenly there seem to be more spiders around particularly hanging in the corners of our house.
I did however manage to spot these in a friend's garden so if I don't find anything else one of these will have to do!

Tuesday 29 August 2017

A Tree Reprieve

You may recall that earlier in the year the farmer was threatening to cut down the greengage tree if it did not produce this year. You will be pleased to know that a reprieve may be about to happen. It may not be much but the other day I picked these.

Yes I know. They do look a bit scruffy. Believe me they tasted beautiful!

Monday 28 August 2017

Feel the Heat

The sun seems to have finally come out! Mowing the lawn today I definitely needed one of these afterwards.

Meanwhile Monty was resting in the shade. 

He has not been quite himself for the last two weeks. He has had a cough and the vet has given him some antibiotics. He is now rather steady eating his food, definitely not a good sign in a Labrador. I can see there could well be another trip to the vet this week.

Sunday 27 August 2017

Stanton Prior to Newton St Loe

The second part of our walk on Friday took us from the village of Stanton Prior across a couple of fields and then into the parkland of Newton Park the main campus of Bath Spa University. We passed through a stretch of parkland extensively planted with new trees before reaching the campus. There was a keep or manor house known as St Loe Castle on this site as early as the 14th Century.
 Our walk took us through the old stable block some of which originates from the 15th Century.

The archway brought us into the Italian Garden which mainly originates from the time of the 18th Century house.

Old and new blends together quite tastefully. We then left through the old gateway of St Loe Castle.

The path then winds around the top of lake. There was an impressive number of cyclamen on the grass bank at the side of the path.

We stopped to admire the view down over the lake.

There was some debate about the heron standing in the water as to whether it was real. There were still some doubts when it moved with suggestions that it could be robotic. Unlikely I would say. Unfortunately I had no close up lens to view it at close quarters.

Our walk then took us around the front of the main house and along the back drive back into Newton St Loe. The parkland is mainly farmed by Newton Farm and we passed several of their suckler herds of cattle.

Newton Farm incidentally run a farm shop where they sell their own meat. They also have a great and very popular cafe. We had lunched there when we tried out the walk but were unable to use it for a group of us as they do not take bookings. We ate instead at The Globe Inn on the roundabout junction of the A39 and A4. The food was all perfectly good and I was able to bore everyone with tales of the nightclub called The Carousel which was situated at the back of the pub during my Sixth Form days and how we used to visit if we could find someone to drive us out there!

Saturday 26 August 2017

Newton St Loe to Stanton Prior

Yesterday was my walking group day. This month we met in the village of Newton St Loe, a village on the edge of Bath which is predominantly owned by The Duchy of Cornwall. We parked by the church (see 4th August) and outside the old School House. The school house is currently covered in scaffolding but it is still possible to see the fine old door.

Our walk took us across the very edge of Bath Spa university's parkland past the bottom of the two lakes. This is a popular fishing spot and was quite busy.

We then passed through a sheltered meadow with a slight climb up to the gate.

It then passed through some cultivated farm land past several fields of maize.

A picture of a maize head which looked rather like an untidy head of hair.

We had checked this walk out only a couple of weeks ago but the wet weather had caused quite a lot of growth which made the going slightly more tricky.

It was nevertheless very pretty with the growth of a good number of flowers.

After a walk along a quiet country road we reached the village of Stanton Prior. We took a few moments to explore the parish church of St Lawrence.

The old yew tree in the churchyard is reputed to be where the bodies of those lost in the village during the Black Death were buried.

Tomorrow I shall show you the return part of our walk.

Friday 25 August 2017

A Photo a Week Challenge: History

The subject for Nancy Merrill's photo challenge this week is history. History is all around us wherever we are. Many of our universities are steeped in history with beautiful historic buildings. Bath Spa University may be a relatively new creation but it has evolved from a Teacher Training College called Newton Park established in the late 1940s. The college itself was built on a historic site with not only a Georgian house but also the remains of a castle.
Our walk today will take us right through this campus and hopefully we will get more photos. This picture however shows the old stables on the left, these very ornate gates to the old Italian Gardens and a more modern building on the right. So history meets the modern.

Thursday 24 August 2017

Take Three Thursday:Sunflowers

The sunflowers at Tyntesfield were far better than mine. They seemed an ideal subject to join Mary Lou in her meme.

Wednesday 23 August 2017

Tomato Relish

This year we have a fine crop of tomatoes with plenty to spare.

Older daughter kept  asking me when was I going to make some tomato relish. Yesterday she declared that she would have a go at making some. The thought of her making more mess than I do, sterilising jars in the microwave and relish all over the kitchen was enough to spur me on!
So yesterday I set to in the kitchen making a double batch.
Step one was to remove the peels in hot water.

Then lots of chopping.

It needs quite a few onions.

So there was a lot more chopping. I never suffer much from onions affecting my eyes. I put this down to wearing contact lenses. Both the girls suffer badly and have tried all the tricks in the book from holding a silver spoon in their mouth to wearing goggles! On this occasion the farmer brought in a tractor rep for a cup of tea while I was onion chopping. The poor chap left wiping his eyes! 
Soon the onions, tomatoes, sugar (Demerara and granulated), chilli and ginger were in the pan ready to cook.

So quite sometime later the vinegar was added and cooked for another 40 minutes (that's the smelly bit).
Eventually I had lots of jars like this which should keep us going for a while!

Tuesday 22 August 2017

The House at Nymans

Yesterday I took you on a walk around the gardens of Nymans. Today I will show you a little of the house.

You have probably already noticed that the house is mainly a ruin. The regency house was replaced in 1915 by a large Manor House in a Gothic/Tudor style. Unfortunately the majority of the house was destroyed by fire in 1947. It has remained as a ruin and a garden feature since this time.

Exotic plants grow in close proximity to the old walls.

The remains are certainly quite a feature.

There are many doorways to peep through.

Some leading to the more formal gardens.

Some of the house is still intact and can be visited. It is described as full of the the unexpected. I was sorry not to have time to explore it.

What I did see certainly encouraged me to consider a further visit. It deserves more exploring as does the rest of Sussex. 

I can see potential for a long weekend!