Saturday 31 October 2020


 Eileen at a bracelet of days sets a monthly mini photo hunt. This month the subject is animals which should really be easy for me living on a farm. I won’t say I have failed but somehow I haven’t managed as many as I thought but here goes.

Let’s start with the pets. Firstly Tiggy the cat.

Then Boris.

I have quite a few of Poppy.

Trying to bring an apple into the house to eat.

Out on a windy day with her favourite toy.

Snuggled up in a towel drying off.

Having to make room for a very wet Sky who was frightened by the windy weather.

Her paw print.🐾 

Then a few horses.

Time to come in.

A bit of thinking outside the box. A few different animals found on the farm.

I guess birds count as animals.....

My chaffinch friend who is a regular visitor.

Well I suppose I did find a few in the end!

Wednesday 28 October 2020

From my Window

 We are lucky to be able to watch the garden birds directly from our kitchen. The feeders in the apple tree are a great attraction to the birds. Recently there have been a lot of finches. The goldfinches have been particularly busy and will sit for long periods of time munching away.

Such beautiful birds.

We left the sunflower heads to develop and the seed heads are now mature. I have been delighted to see that the green finches in particular are enjoying them. 

By keeping the window ajar and my camera at the ready I have managed to capture them without disturbing them.

This great tit was also busy.

I am hoping with a bit of patience to get a few more pictures.

Tuesday 27 October 2020

Summer Colour in Autumn

 Our visit to Tyntesfield a National Trust property in North Somerset revealed a great deal of late summer colour as well as the Autumn hues in my last post. There is a beautiful secluded and sheltered garden huddled between the glasshouses, the kitchen garden and the Orangery and it is here that summer is still present.

There is a mixture of perennials, dahlias and chrysanthemums. It’s the dahlias that are particularly showstoppers.

There are some great blousy blooms that I would be happy to see in my garden.

Excuse my farmer rough hand in this one. Note to self to use a bit more hand cream!

I am not a huge chrysanthemum fan but these are a beautiful colour.

The rose garden was another haven of colour and also tranquility. 

The two back corners have beautifully restored gazebos.

A peaceful and sheltered spot to sit.

I have sat here many times on my visits but obviously need to look up more often.

An example of the intricate craft work of this fascinating estate. 


Sunday 25 October 2020

Autumn at Tyntesfield

 Last Thursday I met up with my sister for a walk around Tyntesfield. We live less than 20 miles apart but we don’t get many chances for a day together. Various commitments just seem to get in the way. So it was a day of a lot of talking as well as walking. Once we were fuelled with a coffee we headed up into the woods past the summerhouse.

Then on through the woods which are beginning to look quite autumnal.

My last visit was quite soon after reopening after lockdown when we were required to keep strictly to the designated route. Things are a little more relaxed now and you can wander wherever you want to.

There was a little bit of sunshine struggling to shine through the leaves.

The wet warm weather has encouraged a variety of different fungus.

I have noticed in a lot of places and Tyntesfield is no exception that there are a lot of holly berries this year. That of course according to folklore means we have a cold hard winter ahead of us. 

There were also berries in the kitchen garden too. These little red berries were all over the asparagus.

Autumn also means pumpkins and a display was being prepared in the Orangery.

Some prize winning specimens there.

The array of colour continued on our walk back through the gardens.

This could be my colour fix for now having just looked at how booked up places like Stourhead and Westonbirt are.