Wednesday 31 March 2021

Monthly Photo Challenge: The Letter C

 I am joining Eileen at A bracelet of days with her monthly photo challenge for March finding pictures with the theme of the letter C. Here are my finds starting with flowers.



Cherry Blossom 


Christmas Cactus 

Cherry Blossom and a church 

Then some more buildings.

Our village church.

The Circus in Bath a circle of 18th Century Buildings.

The Royal Crescent ( a crescent of 18th century houses)

A chair.  This may not look like a chair but it is a Sedan Chair popular in 18th Century Bath for transporting people around. 

A chain.

This one speaks for itself.

Cones. Both spotted when I was out for a walk.

My cat.

These last three are a bit more tenuous!


Not obvious if you don’t know but the signs are pointing in the wrong direction.

Sunday 28 March 2021

WPSH : Just in time for the Final Link Up

 I have been collecting photos for the Winter Photography Scavenger Hunt hosted by Eileen but have not managed to post any in the link ups. I mopped up quite a few I still needed on a visit to Bath for the dentist. We now approach the end of the photo hunt so here we have all in one go. I am afraid that makes for a very photo heavy post. Let’s get going.

                                                                1. A set of three.

2. Round and Round

3. Peek inside.
This window was on show at a local garden centre. It was one of the few places I visited when Christmas shopping.

A local village had a designated window for each day of advent.

4. Glass.

A shop sign in Bath.

The east window of Bath Abbey. It would have made a better picture looking out but that’s not allowed at the moment.

An interesting window at a church in Bath.

5. A Treasured Item
The Queen Charlotte coat of arms is above a pharmacy in Bath.

6. Horizontal 

7. An Opening.

8. A Sign of the Times
Hairdressers closed for the whole of the winter.

An essential wherever you are.

A casualty of COVID? A well known butcher’s shop in central Bath closes it’s doors permanently.

9. Weather Conditions 

10. Work in Progress


12. In the Distance 

13. Something beginning with C

An early clematis in an inner city garden.

There has to be a cat or two.

14. One of many.

15. Something with legs.

How many legs?

16. A face.

 A variety of faces outside the Victoria Gallery. I couldn’t choose between them.

17. Comfort Food

A family favourite pud.

18. Something you do every day

Walking the dog.

19. Something Yellow 

20. Marking Time.

Waiting for a picnic scrap in The Parade Gardens.

Alternative A. In pieces.

Not in pieces now but it was when it was installed in the summerhouses in the rose garden at Tyntesfield.

B. Textured

C. Black and White 

The less glamorous view of the famous Pultney Bridge.