Saturday 30 September 2017

The Final Choice : Summer Photography Scavenger Hunt.

The time has come to show the final choices for the Summertime photo hunt hosted by Mary Lou. So here goes.

1. Something Fuzzy

2. Bubbles 

3. A Web

4. A Zig Zag

5. A Seasonal Relaxing Space / Item
An outdoor cafe area at Mells Walled Garden 

Then for an item a fire pit.

6. A Pipe.
I took a few of these but this one at Tyntesfield is definitely the finest.

7. The Inside of Something.
A wedding marquee 

8. Rust or Something Derelict.
Rust is definitely the trendy garden decoration.

This isolated barn is heading towards being very derelict.

9. A Kite or balloon.

10. Something yellow.
Okay I know it's a bit orange but they are beautiful!

11. A toy only found out from June until September.

12. A wedding.
Our niece of course.

13. A dome.

14. Someone fishing.

15. Something crafted from wood.

16. A baby (human or animal).
Had to be both.

17. Circles or crosses in architecture.

18. A fan.
Now it was only when I went through the list that I realised I had totally missed this one. This caused a moment of panic. Older daughter was sent to take a picture of the huge fan at the end of the chicken house which helps to keep the shed cool on hot days.

Meanwhile I gave it some consideration and came up with this picture of our favourite little chap. He is definitely a fan. He's a fan of tractors and also a real fan of 'farmer Sam' as he calls older daughter.

19. Feet of man or beast.
Again it's got to be both.

20. Something found underground.

21. A plaque.
This may not look much of a plaque but it has significance to us. It is placed at the entrance to Victoria Park and one of those unfortunate victims was my paternal grandmother.

22. A dial.

23.Something powered by wind.

24. Seasonal food or drink.
A tasty summer dessert shaped as a pyramid at the wedding of my Egyptian friends.

The quintessential English summer drink. Anyone for croquet?

25. A hat.

Friday 29 September 2017

A Glut

We have a large number of tomatoes this year. I love the taste of a tomato straight off the vine.

I have already made a double batch of tomato relish but the way it's being consumed I had better make some more. Then I had better consider some tomato soup.
These black ones are steady to ripen but go well in salads.

Thursday 28 September 2017

Take Three Thursday

There is really only one subject matter to use for today's Take Three Thursday hosted by Mary Lou.
Here are three pics of Poppy.

That's all there is to say!

Wednesday 27 September 2017

Late Colour

Despite the weather being quite miserable there are still a good number of flowers in the garden giving quite splash of colour. The cosmos has done particularly well this year.

The Livingstone Daisies have also done well.

 Hopefully the colour will last well into the Autumn.

Tuesday 26 September 2017

Proper Help

On Sunday afternoon I had some more reliable help with the apple picking.

Younger daughter up the ladder and mum putting them in the box. Even Poppy was around to help.

She decided it was time for a snooze behind the tree. Rubbish photo I know.

Well that's most of the apples picked now. Just as well younger was home for the day!

Monday 25 September 2017

A New Recruit

She has only been with us just over 24 hours and she has won all our hearts already.

Meet Poppy, the new addition to our farm.

She has had a busy day investigating.

Getting to know everyone.

Then of course sleeping.