Friday 31 July 2015

Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt July Link Up

I have had quite a lot of success in July finding the different subjects for Rinda's photo hunt  and sometimes finding more than one. Here are the links to finds earlier in the month.

In Search of an Ornate Door Knocker

Another Metal Bridge

No. 8 Someone Plugged in to Social Media.

Five Finds in One Day

Then for a few more finds

No. 3 A Person Walking a Dog or Other Animal 

I am still hopeful about finding someone walking another kind of animal especially as I am on a farm but for now 
An Urban dog spotted on the Metal Bridge.

And a rural dog on the farm.

As you can see Monty is a one person dog and likes only to be lead by me!

No.4 People Playing a Board Game or Cards

I guess this is stretching it a bit. I spotted this show garden at the Hampton Court Palace Flower Show.

Will it pass?

No. 8 Someone Plugged into Social Media

I thought I should have my own attempt at this rather than submit just my daughter's. There were plenty of opportunities in Bristol on my river walk. People snatching a late lunch in the sunshine and on social media.


Don't people talk to each other anymore? This last one was the most worrying. He was waiting to cross one of the busiest roads in Bristol on a crossing but still....

Lastly Alternative B A Person Carrying an Umbrella.

Kindly modelled by a friend who used the umbrella all day at the flower show against rain and then sun!   



Thursday 30 July 2015

Another Metal Bridge

It is nearly the end of August and tomorrow Rinda's is posting another link up for the Summer Scavenger Photography Hunt. I thought therefore today I would take a moment to look at another not so famous bridge in Bristol. I came across this bridge on my walk along the river in the Temple Back area of Bristol. I thought immediately that this would definitely qualify for No. 6 A Metal Bridge even more so than the more famous Clifton Suspension Bridge which I posted before.

Meads Reach Bridge was named as a result of a competition. The runner up name was Silver Streak Bridge (I rather like this name). It was opened in 2008 costing 2.4 million to build.It is entirely stainless steel. It weighs 75 tons and is 55 metres long. There we are quite a few uninteresting facts that I didn't know!

It links Bristol Temple Meads Station to new developments on the other side of the river. The station can be seen in the background here and oh! Could that count as another tent there?

It is also part of the national cycle routes. It is only clear when you get closer quite what shape it is.

There is quite a noise when people walk over it and even more so when used by cyclists.

I read on the Evening Post Website that it has been recently been resurfaced due to a being slippery in wet weather and causing several cycling accidents!

Wednesday 29 July 2015

Pairs ZIZO on the Pool

I am joining in Helena's Pairs and I too have reverted to ZIZO this week. We visited a superb organic garden last week belonging to the Yeo Valley farming family. Should you like to see more of my pictures taken there then click here
We were fascinated by one of the pools which lined in black gave a remarkable mirror pool. The water was clear of any debris and presumably filtered. It was difficult to judge it's depth because of the ink black.

It gave a perfect reflection of the surrounding garden but to get the full benefit of the whole effect you really had to step back or zoom out.

And then step back again to give a reflection of the grass garden through the gap the surrounding bronze garden and see the Mendip Hills behind.

Then as this is supposed to be pairs a zoom back in to the little figure fishing near the edge.

So I am giving you real value for money today. Two sets of pairs on one post : a mini ZIZO and a bigger ZIZO!

Tuesday 28 July 2015

The Use of Coffee

 I passed Waitrose today whilst out shopping in Nailsea. I noticed a lady digging into a shiny bin and filling a bag. When I realised what she was doing I immediately thought of Ella from The Flowers of Progress. Ella had written a blog about the use of coffees granules as a fertiliser which you can read about by clicking here. I took a picture when the lady had finished. The notice is self explanatory.

It is the last line that made me laugh. 

I asked the lady what she uses it for. The reply was as a fertiliser and to keep cats off!
While on the subject of coffee it seems like a good time to show the lovely coffee beans that Emma brought back from Tanzania where she visited a coffee plantation. It smells delicious I just need to borrow a coffee grinder!

Monday 27 July 2015

Wet Weather Cheer Up

I think that most of Great Britain has had heavy rain over the last two days. It has been rather like Autumn with the dark evenings and the chilly air. So I thought today some cheerful flower pictures were needed to stop us all feeling blue. When I visited mum's last week the sun was shining and I turned the camera on her garden.

There is quite an array of colours but the agapanthus certainly stand out.

These midnight blue ones actually belong to my sister. My mum is long term plant sitter for them while my sister is living in the States for a few years. She wanted me to take a picture for Julie so everyone else can enjoy them too!

She has quite a few of her own too.

This next slightly striped one called Charlotte is a new acquisition this year. I came across it in the greengrocers. The lady in front of me in the queue had picked one up so I too bought one each for mum and myself.

The white ones are only just emerging 

This next one called Double Diamond was a present from us for their Diamond Wedding a couple of years ago. 

I am always however attracted back to the blue.

And it seems I am not alone there!

Then there seems to be wild strawberry thief amongst these...

Caught in the act!

Sunday 26 July 2015

In Search of an Ornate Door Knocker

i have been busy this month searching out some of the finds for Rinda's photography hunt. No. 2 on the list is an Ornate Door Knocker. I took my mum shopping in Marks and Spencer's in Bath a couple of weeks ago. I had a chance to nip around a few streets and admire a few door knockers! There was quite a variety. One thing is for sure. It's always worth cleaning your door knocker in case some mug like me comes along and photographs it.




The question is. Which one should I choose?

Saturday 25 July 2015

First Farm Visit

On the weekend of him becoming 8 weeks my Great Nephew made his first visit to the farm. When we had finished lunch we went for the compulsory walk around the farm. Baby Theo met his first calves and sheep. 

He did not seem too impressed so we tried a bit of machinery instead. The boys always like that. Don't think he is a John Deere man though!

We took him for a stroll with the dogs.

So he could meet his first horses.

He was much happier back in the comfort of the house. His Great Grandparents came to visit and Theo and my dad received their joint present ( found in a Christmas church sale!).

Friday 24 July 2015

A Rural Lakeside Garden

Yesterday we went to visit a local garden that is only open twice a week. The Yeo Valley Garden is an organic garden situated at Holt Farm on the edge of Blagdon lake. This is the home of the Yeo Valley Company who are well known for their yoghurt and the house and garden are close to the farm and factory.
We were amused by this novel car by the entrance.

This was just the beginning of rather novel gardens making use of every possible utensil in which to grow plants. Brian was rather taken with the redundant turkey feeders on the right.

Or this old water butt.

There were some equally unusual sculptures such as this watering can.

Then this kite overlooking the lake.

There were some fascinating gates.

The vegetable garden was no exception in its architectural design.

We enjoyed the variety of walkways which helped to make the 6 acres seem even bigger.

Then hidden delights such as the Tarka Summerhouse with reflective walls 

Next to an otter water feature.

Everywhere you looked the gardens were full of colour, variety and imagination. The red and lime garden.

The gravel garden.

The bedding plants.

It is well worth a visit if you are ever in the vicinity on a Thursday or Friday. We stopped briefly for a cup of tea but the cafe looked tasty! I shall certainly be visiting again to see the gardens at another time of year and to see how they progress.