Thursday 30 April 2015

In the Pink

 There is probably no better time to look out of my kitchen window than when the cherry blossom is out. I have a fine view of the cherry tree across the yard.

It always seems to be windy when the blossom is in full bloom so I thought I had better get the camera out before all the exotic blooms have blown away.

Wednesday 29 April 2015

Apple Blossom Pairs

On this wet and miserable morning it is cheering to look back at some photos I took a couple of days ago when the sun was shining. I have chosen a couple of these to share for Helena's weekly meme Pairs. This week I have gone for Open and Closed or it at a stretch it could be Cooker and Eater!
The apple blossom is only just breaking out into flower. The Bramley tree in the garden has just a few open blossom.

Meanwhile the two ballerina trees that have eating apples are still tightly shut.

Fingers crossed for a good crop of apples this year such as we had last September. A distinct disadvantage of the pretty dwarf variety is that Monty (the greedy Labrador) helps himself to apples directly off the tree! Looking at these reminds me that I must go and look at the Katy apple tree in the main garden given to Kate by my mum when she was born.

Tuesday 28 April 2015

Sheep on the Move

The sheep are moved from one field to another for fresh grazing. This is never such an easy job when there are young lambs. The other day I helped the girls move the sheep with quite young lambs. It was not very far but needed several of us to help. First they had to be gathered together.

Then out into the lane.

A little bit of racing down the field the other side of the hedge was needed for Emma to get in front of the sheep to help get them across the road.

It all looks very easy but the ewes were all over the place looking for their lambs. Soon they were in their new field.

Sky the dog was suitably tired after her hard work helping.

Monday 27 April 2015

A Stray Bramble

I spotted this postbox when out on our walk around Uley on Friday which you can read about here.

I immediately thought of Eileen's Street Plants blog because if you look carefully at the top of the post.....

There is a nice bit of greenery growing. My postman always carries a dog biscuit in her pocket to tempt angry dogs with (which my never angry but always greedy Labrador soon discovered). I think this postman may need to carry a pair of secateurs soon!

Sunday 26 April 2015

An Afternoon Gardening

The conservatory is jam packed full of seedlings and small plants. 

It is too early to put them outside yet but there is a fair bit to do in the garden first. I spent the afternoon  in the garden weeding and tidying up. I was not lonely. I had plenty of company. Socks was keeping a careful eye from the garden seat. 

Well between snoozes anyway!
I often allow Sky in the garden when I am out there. She spent the time stealing whatever Monty was playing with.

Monty meanwhile placidly moved onto something else.

It was only later that I realised that I had been helped with the gardening. A lovely hole had been created in one of the flower borders and a hollyhock removed. I guess the dog with the dirty nose may be the culprit....Sky.....

Saturday 25 April 2015

Day Out Visiting

Kate and I travelled to see my niece for the day. There is great excitement as she is expecting her first baby next month. When we had finished lunch we had a look at the newly prepared nursery.

All is ready and waiting. Meanwhile downstairs their cat was nonplussed by the excitement!

Their garden was warm enough for us to spend sometime outside.

The cat came out for a bit of a stroll.

 We did have a couple of onlookers amongst the plants.

It was lovely to see them and look forward to their forthcoming news!

Friday 24 April 2015

A Walk around Uley

It was the day for our monthly walk and talk today. I had a bit of a drive to get to the village of Uley in the Cotswolds. It was worth the drive. We started out walking around the churchyard and church.

We then climbed steeply out of the village. I always think it is best to have the steep bit first while you still have the energy. While we are climbing there is less of the talk and more of the puff! It was worth it for the view back to the village even though it was a little hazy.

The church could just be viewed through the trees.

Walking along the top was breezy but gave us a chance to admire a fantastic view over surrounding Gloucestershire.

A hill not far away is Downham Hill which is also known as Smallpox hill. The colloquial name originates from when it had an isolation hospital on the top. One of our group said that food was left at the bottom of the hill for the inpatients.

We then began the descent down a slippery steep path.


Some needed more help than others and only one person ended on their bottom!

We passed Uley brewery but didn't have time to stop for a sample!

The second half of the walk took us through more gently undulating land on the other side of the village.

We had views back towards Uley.

And also of Owlpen Manor and church.

This looked worth a return visit. We had a little look at a small part of the garden from the path.

Walking back to Uley it was good to see The Old Crown Inn from where we had started. Walking into the pub it was even better to see our drinks waiting for us!

Thursday 23 April 2015

In the Fields

Most of the ewes and lambs are now out in the fields enjoying the lovely sunshine we have been having. The sunshine is also helping the grass to grow.