Saturday 31 October 2015


When I awoke yesterday morning and heard the pouring rain and the wind blowing I inwardly groaned when I remembered it was walk and talk day. Fortunately by the time I left home the weather had improved and we had a virtually dry walk. I did not have far to go as the walk was in a local village of Wrington. We climbed up out of the village onto the hills above. This gave extensive if not slightly misty views right across the Wrington Vale to the Bristol Channel.

There were plenty of colourful trees on the way.

Some of which are fairly newly planted.

The views again were panoramic looking over the Wrington Vale and towards the Mendip Hills. A low level of clouds lay over the top of the hills.

What none of the pictures tell you is the overwhelming smell of slurry which was present for most of the walk! Taking deep breaths when climbing the hills was not too pleasant. The last part of the walk followed back along the bottom of the valley and we came across a patch of Sunflowers. Probably game bird cover. It certainly brightened up a dull day.

When we returned to the village there were even a couple of scarecrows to view before we visited The Plough Inn for lunch. Both of the scarecrows did give the impression that they had spent too long out in the wind and rain!


Friday 30 October 2015

Famous Landmarks

Our guest returned home yesterday. We had time to visit one very important landmark before I took her to her bus. She has been enthralled wherever we have been by the Autumn colours. Where she comes from in Australia has no clearly defined Autumn or Spring. The colours in th Avon Gorge were no exception and showed off Clifton Suspension bridge at it's best.

A walk over the bridge and back and up to the Observatory is one not to be missed even on a dull day.

The afternoon was then spent with another friend viewing some of the scarecrows. My favourite is in the centre of the village and depicts another famous landmark and group of people who are quite some way from home.

There will be more to come.

Thursday 29 October 2015

Meeting the Hens

Over the last couple of days we have had a relative of mine staying ( second cousin once removed or so I believe). She has come over from Australia to live in London for a few years and we were delighted to welcome her to the farm. Even though the weather was not brilliant especially if you come from Australia we took her out for a walk around the farm kitted out in Brian's wellies. She soon met a few hens!

The hens like to follow people if you turn around you will find this behind you...

A lot of hens playing Grandmother's footsteps. They are not very good at the stand still bit!
We then had a wander through one of the newly sown fields where the corn is just sprouting.

Despite the dull weather the trees still look colourful.

Hopefully the sun will shine before she goes home.

Wednesday 28 October 2015

Pairs: Up and Down

Autumn when the trees are changing colour is a time when we all look up at the trees to admire the vibrant colours. Many of us may also look down to view the carpet of colour under our feet. Maybe even rustle a few of those brittle leaves with our toes!
Today to join in with Helena's lovely meme Pairs I have chosen an Up and Down theme. We have some Silver Birch trees that are looking suitably golden at the moment particularly in the late afternoon sun.
So Look Up

Then nestling amongst the golden leaves at the foot of the trees there are some delicate Autumn Cyclamen.
So Look Down.

I guess this could also be a Zoom out and Zoom in or Orange and Pink.
Looking forward to seeing all the other Pairs today.

Tuesday 27 October 2015

Extra Tolerant

Time for a "Monty fix" as Helena would say. He really should be given some kind of reward as the most tolerant dog. Socks the cat continually craves Monty's company and frequently climbs all over him when he is asleep. I often hear Monty groaning as Socks stands on top of him and is "making dough" on Monty's back.
Kate caught a few snaps of them the other evening.

Nice and cosy as the evenings get colder!


Monday 26 October 2015

Me on Monday : One of those Days

Waving to Sian and all the other bloggers on this Monday morning hoping you have all had a good weekend. Saturday for us was one of those days when you wish you had stayed in bed. It started with a little dent in one of the cars which brought tears for one of girls. Late in the day it was my turn. How did I manage to trip over a stone and end up flat on my front in a field? Fortunately there was no harm done other than some very muddy trousers! 
They say all mishaps happen in threes. I hadn't long brushed off the mud when we had another casualty and more serious this time. Our youngest had been squashed against a stable door by a very large and bad mannered horse. This time it was a trip to A&E, a long wait and a diagnosis of bruised ribs. She did manage to pose for a photo on the way out of hospital with three ailing chimp sculptures outside A&E. Apparently part of a series of artwork around the new hospital.


Sunday fortunately was a better day apart for one very uncomfortable lady even with regular painkillers.  We all benefited from the extra hour after our late night. Sunday roast was of course on the menu, roast pork this week. Then the warm sunny afternoon gave an opportunity for getting some garden jobs done. Brian continued with his hedge trimming.

Kate helped me pick some more Bramley apples. Well she picked and I caught them.

We decided to leave the small ones for the birds.

Talking of birds. I have left the sunflower heads for them to feed on the seeds but there is not much sign of them taking them as yet.


So on we advance into the second week of half term which is just as well as I think our girl is going to need a few days rest. I hope you all have a good week and I look forward to hearing about everyone else's weekend.


Sunday 25 October 2015

The Good With the Bad

I seem to never learn that eating toffees and humbugs should be avoided. I lost a filling the other day when chewing a toffee. I was lucky that it didn't hurt but it still meant a visit to the dentist. I can't imagine anyone enjoys a dentist visit but I am not sure which was worse the sit in the dentist's chair or the sting to my purse when I got downstairs to the receptionist.
The walk back to my car through the beautiful Victoria Park did compensate for it. The leaves were all a ll turning bronze and yellow and keeping the park keepers very busy removing the carpet of leaves from the well kept grass.

Saturday 24 October 2015

Let the Music Play

I haven't had much of a chance to go out Scarecrow Spotting but I have passed quite a few when I have been out and about. I have a feeling I am not going to be so good at these! My music knowledge is not the best. There is a leaflet (which I still need to pick up) which gives all the names and you have to match the scarecrow number to the name. Clues are included by each scarecrow. So here goes let's see how you all get on.
The clue for this one is "Its Beach Time".

This next one stumped me completely although I must admit to googling to get the answer. What a fantastic build though.


I knew the next one! Just about shows the level of my music knowledge!


And this one?


This last one is quite a masterpiece. The lady who did this one always does a spectacular tableau.

I hope to see some more over the weekend.

Friday 23 October 2015

Girls in the Kitchen

Yesterday I got round to using the marrow that arrived from the garden with my other vegetables on Sunday. I decided to cook some stuffed marrow with a tasty bolognese sauce which always seem to go down well with all the family.

I had a bit of company in the kitchen. Emma and her friend were busy making a chocolate fudge cake so there was plenty of chatting and laughing as we cooked. It's good to have them about especially when they produce a cake like this!

Thursday 22 October 2015

A Little More Colour in the Garden

When I was over at mum's last week her garden showed a mix of summer and Autumn. Many summer flowers are still giving a good show.

These nasturtiums are finding their way into the apple tree.

These Iris have moved onto Autumn with the most remarkable seed pods.

And a few more Viburnum leaves.

Wednesday 21 October 2015

Autumn Pairs

I have had trouble today deciding which photos to choose to join in with Helena's pairs. I have found the answer. I am using both! They are all Autumnal so they fit together nicely. Firstly a ZIZO of a Viburnum tree in my mum's garden.

Zoom Out 


Zoom In on the beautiful leaves.


Then secondly a couple of morning pictures of some of the changing leaves around us.

Looking Through the Trees

Looking Sideways on.

It's surprising how much more golden the same trees look side ways on. We have had some crisp sunny days but this morning the forecasted rain has arrived.