Wednesday 30 November 2016

Snap: Frosty

Yesterday morning I was out in the garden in my dressing gown to get some photos of the heavy frost before it started to melt. Some ideal subjects to join Helena in her weekly Snap.
My garden is quite sheltered between the house and the wall but Jack Frost got in last night so I would anticipate finding some of the flowers dying back now.

1. A fuchsia still flowering.

2. This snapdragon has been there two summers..

3. Some beautiful leaves too.


And then the lawn.

Oh whoops have I miscounted?

Tuesday 29 November 2016

A Saint

We passed through the village of Weston on our walk along the Cotswold Way. Weston is now a suburb of Bath but was originally a village. We passed up a narrow road at the side of the church and passed a house with this little figure on the side of it.

Curiosity made me try and find out a little about it. I believe from what I have read on the Internet that it is supposed to be St Alphege who is considered to be Weston's own Saint. He is reputed to be born in Weston and is often depicted in shepherd's clothing. I am a little at a loss to work out what he is holding.

Monday 28 November 2016

Memorandum Monday: Birthday Treat

Good Morning everyone on what is proving to be a beautifully sunny sharp Monday morning here. I am waving to Sian and all the Monday bloggers with several new happenings to report for Memorandum Monday.
Yesterday was my birthday which in itself is not a new event but I will declare that I have never been this age before so that is new! Also for the mathematicians amongst you there was also something new about my age. This year my age is the same as the last two numbers of the year I was born in.... Work that one out!
I was also celebrating my birthday somewhere new. We travelled to Cardiff to take the student out for lunch. I had found a pub with the help of Tripadvisor and it proved to be very good. The Pilot is situated high on the hill in Penarth overlooking Cardiff Bay. It describes itself as having spectacular views over Cardiff Bay which is true if you stand up at the high window and look between the houses.

Nevertheless it was a very pleasant pub. The staff were extremely accommodating especially as we had to ring to say we were held up in traffic. The meal was delicious and extremely tasty. I started with deep fried portobello mushrooms with Bresaola (another first for me).

There was time for a quick walk down the steps to take in the full view on a dry but dull day. Worth visiting again on a brighter day.

It was then back to the student accommodation for birthday cake made by older daughter which were both delicious.

Eating birthday cake in student hall is not new for me but I suspect it is several decades ago that I last did it! We didn't risk any cake candles with the smoke alarm and fortunately there was no suggestion of dunking me in the bath as there was back in my student days. There could be two reasons for this:- 1.Trying to carry me there.
2. They only have ensuite showers these days!

The students have started to acknowledge that Christmas is on it's way!

Husband and older daughter had a job to do before we left. A bit of bike maintenance to carry out.

The time came too quickly to say goodbye to the student again and travel back across the bridge to home.

Sunday 27 November 2016

A Feeling of Pilgrimage Part 2

Yesterday I described the beginning of our walk into Bath which is described as having a real feel of pilgrimage about it. Today as we approached the edge of Bath I continue the journey.

We soon dropped down through the last couple of fields with some beautiful trees before reaching the playing fields of Weston Primary school.

The walk crosses through Weston village ( a suburb of Bath) and up out through the other side. This gave us the chance to look back at Kelston Roundhill and the route we had taken down.

The route then wound up and down through paths on the suburban hillside of Bath where there were a surprising number of hidden gems.

It is also always good to have the opportunity to admire the route you have just taken and perhaps catch your breath at the same time!

It was then not long before we were approaching some of the grand buildings of Bath.

The elegant architecture is always to be admired.

Then it was time to head for some lunch before taking the bus back to our starting point.

Saturday 26 November 2016

A Feeling of Pilgrimage Part 1

I have divided my walk from yesterday into two parts. Our walk was part of the Cotswold Way and comprised of the last 6 miles into Bath. It is described as giving you a real feeling of pilgrimage as you descend into this historic city.
We could not have chosen a better winter's day for this walk with blue skies and superb visibility. We met at the Lansdown park and ride where I was greeted with a rendition of "Happy Birthday " and a cake in recognition of my birthday on Sunday. The walk started at a brisk pace in view of the sharp winter wind and we soon reached Bath racecourse and the adjoining golf course. There were murmurs of hijacking a golf buggy each but we resisted temptation and marched onwards. We were soon blessed with panoramic views across towards Bristol. We were able to pick out both of the Severn Bridges and the large chimney on the BRI hospital (we are all nurses after all!). I am afraid there are no photos at this stage as we were still walking a pace!
 Our first stop was at Prospect Stile a well known local viewpoint. There was a certain reluctance to pose for a photo in this rather exposed spot.

We then quickly gathered just under the ridge for a "sweet stop". The views from here are extensive and the viewpoint point tells us that we should be able to see King Alfred's Tower at Stourhead. There were indeed great views towards Bitton including signs of flooding close to the river following Storm Angus at the start of the week. 

We equally had a grand view of Kelston round hill which is quite a local landmark and which dominated the next part of the walk.

Our path continued down through a nature reserve known as Shiners Wood which is a 34 acre area given over to woodland in memory of a local farmer Fred Cullimore. The name was chosen as that of a favourite working horse!

The area is surrounded by tall fencing and gates to control the deer.

Glimpses of Kelston Roundhill continued as we skirted around the side of it.

The views of Bath increased as we walked out and down an escarpment.

We not only passed these cattle but also were just in time to see a collie rounding up some sheep.

The Cotswold Way continued through rolling fields and leafy paths with ever increasing views of Bath.

Tomorrow I will continue our walk to the finish in Bath.

Friday 25 November 2016

Short Story: Narrow

I was not able to join in with Miriam's six word story this morning because I hadn't taken the photo until I had been on today's walk.


Thursday 24 November 2016

Leafy Patterns

Mum's gardener brought in some levels with unusual patterns today. Unfortunately I only had my phone with me.

I guess I should have put something to show their size which is about a couple of inches long. Then I wandered out to see what other leaves I could find. The Liquid Amber was an obvious choice.

Such beautiful colours.

Wednesday 23 November 2016

Snap: Looking Back

On a Wednesday I join Helena with her meme Snap which involves showing 4 photos linked visually. This week I am not showing photos that I have taken but rather old photos mainly from the early decades of the 20th Century. They are all pictures that I acquired through my Great Auntie Jess who was born and brought up in Shepton Mallet. She was an avid photographer but also collected a large number of other people's photos.
I have chosen four which I think are of social and historical interest.
1. This one does include my great aunt. She worked for Boots the Chemist and this was their annual summer outing. I have never been able to identify which resort they are visiting.

2. This photo was a postcard of a school prize giving in Shepton Mallet. I like the way the dignitaries are roped off from the crowd!

3. In need of the fire brigade? Look no further.

4. Then perhaps a little music. My great grandfather played in a regimental band but I cannot tell you if he is in this picture.

Tuesday 22 November 2016

A Cup Of ?

Last Friday I met up with some of the family for lunch out. I didn't really need anything after the delicious smoked haddock but I couldn't resist this.

A cappuccino you might think or a hot chocolate. It was in fact a scrumptious dessert served in a cup and saucer. Chocolate pot with salted caramel in a very generous serving. 

Monday 21 November 2016

Memorandum Monday : Straight from the Farm

Good Morning to all. I hope you have had a good weekend and I extend a wave to Sian and all the Monday bloggers. I join them today thinking about anything new we have done, learnt or seen. What's new for us?
We have a new supplier of milk and delicious milk at that. 

 Our niece's boyfriend is a dairy farmer and he has recently set up an innovation on his farm to ensure that they receive a fair price for some of their milk. This is known as the Horrington Milk Hut which is a milk vending machine where the public can buy and dispense their own litre of pasteurised whole milk. I am yet to visit it but this a picture from their Facebook page.

I may not have visited yet but our niece kindly delivers our farm fresh milk when she visits so we have a regular supply of this delicious product in its own litre bottles complete with label.

Well done to them so if you are in the area of Wells pop by for your own pinta! 

Sunday 20 November 2016

Out of the Window

The cherry tree that I can see from my kitchen window still has some vibrantly coloured leaves on it. Certainly enough to lift my spirits when I am doing the washing up.

Saturday 19 November 2016


I am sure that I have mentioned before that my brother has a cat called Misty who is the one of Bella's kittens. Today when I was visiting she came and sat next to me on the sofa.

She is not a great lap cat but tolerated a certain amount of attention.

I wonder what she would make of her brothers if she was to meet them now.

Friday 18 November 2016

Six Word Story

The word this week to join Miriam in her Six word story is read.

Thursday 17 November 2016

Time for a Wish

The farming calendar repeats itself on an annual basis and people who have been following me for a while will be familiar with seeing this pattern in my blog. The kitchen calendar is much the same and it's time for a bit of special cooking. Normally I would have hoped to have done this my now but this hasn't been a normal Autumn. Yesterday however I finally got round to it. The Christmas pud.
I had all the fruit weighed out on Tuesday when my hand became a little unsteady pouring the brandy.

On Wednesday it all got mixed up together. Now I learnt something new this year and I learnt it from Sian in one of her Memorandum Monday posts. Well that's what it's all about isn't it? We have all always made a wish when stirring the pud but I had never heard that it should be the oldest spoon in the kitchen. So I guess this stainless steel one won't do.

So which one is my oldest spoon? I'm not really sure!

Well I'm going to go for the long wooden one in the middle. I'm pretty sure I have had that one since before I was married. So here goes!

No I shall not be telling you what I wished for and unfortunately younger daughter is a way at university so there is no stir for her. Perhaps I could send her a picture and she could have a virtual stir and wish....