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Monday, 27 April 2015

A Stray Bramble

I spotted this postbox when out on our walk around Uley on Friday which you can read about here.

I immediately thought of Eileen's Street Plants blog because if you look carefully at the top of the post.....

There is a nice bit of greenery growing. My postman always carries a dog biscuit in her pocket to tempt angry dogs with (which my never angry but always greedy Labrador soon discovered). I think this postman may need to carry a pair of secateurs soon!


  1. That was well seen Maggie. Since I've started doing the street plant posts I've been surprised by some of the spots that plants choose to grow.

  2. Very good! I must have a look at Eileen's blog. Do you remember the plant - elderberry? in Charlotte St car park that 'ate' the stones from the wall?