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Saturday, 18 April 2015

One Year On

When I was looking at Facebook this morning one of those posts with "one year ago" was featured. This reminded me of an important date. It is a year today since I started my blog. In that time I have not only given an insight into our life on our farm but I have had the opportunity to take part in many challenges and make some lovely blog friends. How do I continue from here? I feel happy to go on with a daily post but will this lead to repetition? The farming calendar does repeat itself each year! We will see. 
  On the subject of repetition I looked back to see what I posted a year ago. It was Good Friday so it was Hot Cross Buns and also a picture of a cowslip. This afternoon I took my trusty companion for a walk.

Off we went to check out the cowslips. A week ago they were only just out but today I found plenty.

And oxlips too.

In fact the whole of the quarry was awash with spring flowers. I shall save those for another day.


  1. Never heard of oxlips - same as cowslips but facing up? Or two shades of yellow? Happy blogging anniversary. I definitely think you could find enough material for another year of daily posts! (Variations on the same with some new thrown in.)

    1. I think Ella that technically it is a False Oxlip which is a cowslip/primrose hybrid. A true Oxlip only occurs in Suffolk.

  2. Does it matter about repetition? It's all part of the continuity of life and everybody has that to some extent. The fact that your life may follow the same pattern from year to year doesn't make it any less interesting, far from it, so please keep going with your daily posts.

    Oh, and happy blogging anniversary.

  3. Great pics. Got to keep going Maggie! I am still away and anyway you would miss it!! Xx

  4. congratulations on one year. I agree with Eileen - repetition is part of life and I like seeing the cycle of farming life

  5. Congratulations! I like seeing the cycle of the farming year here's to many more years