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Tuesday, 14 April 2015


In different parts of the farm we have small areas of woodland. It is important to maintain these areas by the clearance of scrub, diseased trees and the replacement with new saplings. It also gives these areas to grow other natural flora.

This work is done in the winter months before birds start nesting again and while a lot of plants are dormant. The new trees are then protected with a guard to avoid damage from deer.

As you can see the saplings are small bare root trees. A mixture are used including oak and horse chestnut.

Any wood that is cut is stacked to be seasoned for future use in the farm's biomass log boiler.


  1. Love the primroses on the bank - remember photographing them last year😊

  2. The primroses are just so pretty. I have been using the road between Gordano services and Abbots Leigh (A369) a lot recently, the primroses on the banks are just incredible.