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Monday, 6 April 2015

Easter Art and Sculpture Festival

This afternoon we visited this festival at the Bristol University Botanical Gardens. I have been to this before but it was interesting to see different exhibits this year. The art work is displayed throughout the gardens and glasshouses. Today I will show a range of the exhibits and save some of the flora for another day. Some pieces I would be envious to own. Others, well let's just say they wouldn't suit our garden!


I would need to develop a fernery for this one.


I am always attracted to the stained glass work which happens to be made by an ex colleague of mine who has set up her own business called Lucian Stained Glass.


I would happily see this on my lawn but what Monty and the cats make of it?

There were a lot of these masks scattered around the garden. Could help with crime prevention perhaps?


A lot of the ironwork was quite appealing. I could find room for these.




  1. I'd find a place in my garden for the stained glass and the ironwork pieces but the masks and the strange statue wouldn't make it through the gate!!

  2. I love garden sculptures - my favourite is the big yellow flower head