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Friday, 3 April 2015

Easter Begins

This year I made some Hot Cross Buns several days ago and popped some in the freezer. They were back out and ready for breakfast this morning. I have managed to perfect the pastry cross a bit more since last year.

I was keen to use my new cutters so having already made my Easter Cakes I guessed it was time to make some shortbread.

Only one bunny head fell off in the cooking and no guesses where that one went!


  1. Perfect HCB! Most impressive. The shortbread looks yum and pleased to see the cutters in use; mine will have a test run tomorrow.

  2. I'm impressed. I may have to invest in a set of cutters myself.

  3. Bunnies are so generous aren't they? ;) Your baking looks fabulous! I boned stuffed & rolled a leg of lamb today, & made lamb stock with the bones and made cauliflower cheese . I love being busy in the kitchen. I hope you have a lovely day tomorrow.

  4. Those are very neat Hot Cross Buns! I like the idea of having them for breakfast too