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Sunday, 12 April 2015

Nearly There

I think I have mentioned before that most of the ewes belong to the four girls (our two and their cousins). Consequently they are responsible for looking after them during lambing. This means long hours, late nights, early mornings and even going out in the middle of the night. This does seem to cramp their style. Kate managed to attend a young farmers dance, return at 3 and lamb a ewe (in her dress!) before retiring to bed for a few hours.Their perseverance and dedication has paid off now that most of the ewes have lambed.  


It is not a glamorous job but the reward it brings is hard to match.



  1. Oh that story reminds me of the episode of "Call the Midwife" where Chummy ends up birthing some piglets in her Sunday best!
    Cute last photo - the lambs look as if they're trying to cuddle!

  2. That's very impressive!

    I was talking to the parents of a student vet who had been helping out with lambing and they were describing how exhausted she was. Hard work!

  3. love the happy faces in the last photo and how the dog seems desperate to be in on the action

  4. I noticed the dog looking on, maybe thinking that it was just more work for him/her! The faces of the girls, 'proud mums' is wonderful