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Sunday, 19 April 2015

The American Museum

I have visited this museum that opened in 1961 many times especially as a child. It is the only museum about American life in Britain and mainly depicts the lifestyle of the early settlers and their life thereafter. It is set out as a series of period rooms. There are certain items that I remember clearly from my previous visits such as the wagon reminding me of some of my favourite childhood books "Little house on the Prairie ". We were all struck by the small size of this inside for a family to travel in.

I did not take many photos in the house because of the low light.  This patchwork quilt is only one small one of the many on display.

What was evident was that like in many places health and safety has gone mad. One of my strongest memories was the gingerbread made in Conkey's Tavern by a member of the staff in costume. This is no longer allowed "for health and safety reasons ". A fuller explanation can be found on this trip advisor report.  We then also discovered in the herb shop that the very popular apple pie spices that used to be on sale are also prohibited for similar reasons!
  The grounds and gardens were looking spectacular with a good array of spring flowers. We had our picnic amongst the primroses and violets.

 The view is stunning.

We walked round an arboretum of Native American trees.

There is a small version of Mount Vernon's garden 

Many of the trees were in full blossom.



  1. Lovely! I must visit again soon, it is quite a few years since I last went..

  2. Sounds like a relaxing trip! (Love picnics - did you take Easter biscuits?) Such a shame about the gingerbread; silly people hiding it in the artefacts. I understand about the oven but maybe they should consider providing it in another way; it seems to be so fondly remembered by many.

    1. I had made some Easter cake dough but ran out of time to make them. I had to grab a malt loaf from the freezer but it went down well!

  3. looks a fabulous place for a visit - with lots of Laura Ingles Wilder memory triggers

  4. This is somewhere I'd love to go: I was brought up close to a Folk Park museum with a log cabin and a covered wagon and a visit there was always the birthday treat I asked for. I haven't been for years..I wonder if Health & safety has stopped some of the activities there too