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Friday, 24 April 2015

A Walk around Uley

It was the day for our monthly walk and talk today. I had a bit of a drive to get to the village of Uley in the Cotswolds. It was worth the drive. We started out walking around the churchyard and church.

We then climbed steeply out of the village. I always think it is best to have the steep bit first while you still have the energy. While we are climbing there is less of the talk and more of the puff! It was worth it for the view back to the village even though it was a little hazy.

The church could just be viewed through the trees.

Walking along the top was breezy but gave us a chance to admire a fantastic view over surrounding Gloucestershire.

A hill not far away is Downham Hill which is also known as Smallpox hill. The colloquial name originates from when it had an isolation hospital on the top. One of our group said that food was left at the bottom of the hill for the inpatients.

We then began the descent down a slippery steep path.


Some needed more help than others and only one person ended on their bottom!

We passed Uley brewery but didn't have time to stop for a sample!

The second half of the walk took us through more gently undulating land on the other side of the village.

We had views back towards Uley.

And also of Owlpen Manor and church.

This looked worth a return visit. We had a little look at a small part of the garden from the path.

Walking back to Uley it was good to see The Old Crown Inn from where we had started. Walking into the pub it was even better to see our drinks waiting for us!


  1. Lovely walk! I have only visited a restaurant in Uley - at the old garage - many years ago. It looks beautiful and quite a long trek?

  2. What a lovely walk and set of pictures to go with it. I am in no doubt that if I had been on the walk there would have been two down!