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Thursday, 2 April 2015

The Kindness of Bloggers

When I started my blog last year which incidentally was on Good Friday (April 18th), so not quite a year ago, I did not anticipate the friendships I would make. My first intention had been to keep in touch with my sister who is living in the States for a few years. I enjoyed reading her daily goings on at Juliet's Washington Postings and hence decided with her encouragement to start my own blog.
It was not long before I gained some blogger friends and I was totally unprepared for their kindness and generosity.
In no time at all I received a gift from Sian at High in the Sky. Some lovely stationary which I am still enjoying using and you can read about here. Then I have received a lovely postcard from Miriam

I strongly recommend that you take a look at some of her beautiful photography. 
Then today completely out of the blue I received a gift from Ella at the Flowers of Progress in exchange for a bottle of Oil of Cassia I had sent her. 

Thank you so much for such an appropriate gift. I am looking forward to using them!
Next month I have been given the opportunity to meet up with some fellow bloggers which I am really looking forward to. Thank you to all of you!


  1. That is lovely, you have certainly got 'into' blogging and made lots of connections, I bet you can't remember what you did with your time before you started the blog??? And you will surely have taken more photos!

  2. Most welcome! I thought of you as soon as I saw them - it must have been fate :o) Saturday is allocated to trying your recipe; thanks a million for helping me out with the oil (and I have a set of cutters for myself too!).

  3. I've been delighted and surprised myself by the good things which happen when I blog. let's keep on blogging!