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Saturday, 4 April 2015

Everyone busy

Most of my day has been spent in the kitchen making preparations for visitors. Afternoon tea is ready for tomorrow even if lunch is not!

This is my first attempt at crystallised flowers...... 

Then for the chocoholics 

Meanwhile the girls have been kept on their toes in the lambing shed.

There has been a steady (or not so steady) flow of deliveries all day. Triplets, twins and singles. These two are a couple of days old and will soon be outside.

More on lambing another day!


  1. Your simnel cake looks amazingly professional. Good enough to eat! My Easter biscuits are done - more biscuit than cake though I tried not to overbake. Very yummy and looking forward to showing them off tomorrow! Looking forward to reading about lambing too.

  2. Your cake looks so beautiful. Wishing I hadn't told you what I had done in the kitchen today! Those lambs are adorable.

  3. Oh, how I wish I could come visit. For the cakes. For the lambs. To share what looks like a wonderful life!

  4. All looks lovely. Crystallized primroses, look great. Hope you are not too exhausted getting it all sorted!
    Have a lovely day x

  5. lovely to see a simnel cake and your flowers look lovely