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Monday, 20 April 2015


The tulips are at their best at the moment and I have one particular tub with some new bulbs in that I admire each day. It is remarkable how different they look when in shade.


And in full sun.


I could not resist a few close ups when closed.


Then returned later for some open shots. I had to stand on a ladder for these. Fortunately nobody was around to wonder what I was up to!

Finally some side shots. No ladder was needed for these!





  1. Lovely flowers, beautiful pics. Looks as if you have had a gorgeous sunny day!

  2. Beautiful photos. Unfortunately, I forgot to plant my tulips bulbs, and the crocuses and most of the daffodils, - don't ask me how! - so I haven't got any in my garden this year. Do you know the name/variety for the second one up from the bottom?

    1. I don't Eileen unfortunately. It is pretty isn't it. This is why I need to start a garden journal on the style of Sian's sock notebook!

  3. Great photos of a beautiful collection of tulips. Would be hard to pick a favourite. I am anxiously awaiting our bloom time - the daffodils are just budding up so the tulips cannot be too far behind.