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Thursday, 21 April 2016

A Very Royal Birthday

 My Great Auntie Jess was a very keen photographer with her Brownie camera and also kept a very comprehensive collection of photos albums depicting photos of the whole family. Here she is on the left with my Grandma and that's me in the middle.


 I am very lucky to have a lot of her albums. She was also a great Royalist and carefully followed all the news about the Royal Family. Were you to meander through a lot of these albums you would begin to wonder if we were indeed related to the Queen because you would find the latest pictures of the Royals alongside our photos. An indication of how important they all were to her. She would indeed have been thrilled to see Queen Elizabeth celebrate her 90th birthday today.
 So I thought she would approve if she could see me including such a Royal photo in my modern "family album". The picture released yesterday of the four generations  is just perfect for this. One can't help but smile at the cheerful little Prince George balanced on a pile of books.

 Well I shall be busy for most of the day helping to cook and serve lunch to the local senior citizens at the monthly lunch club. We have some bunting and some other Union Jack items to cheer the place up and I have a very special collection of cupcakes ready to share with them.



  1. I hope you enjoy the birthday celebrations as much as I plan to! I really like the just released Royals photo. I am hoping that the stamps will be available for us to purchase in Canada. That sure is a lot of cupcakes you baked - I shall be wearing red, white & blue tomorrow.

  2. Great selection of pictures for today, hope lunch is a great success, I am sure all your efforts will be much appreciated.

    You are right that Aunty Jess would have loved to see the celebration of such a momentous royal birthday.

    Have a good day x