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Thursday, 7 April 2016

A Sunny Afternoon Walk.

I thought it was a while since you had been for a walk with Monty and I. So off we go.

I took a walk down to our quarry late last week. My intention was to take some photos for the 5 in 5. I actually switched to another set for that but thought I would share these anyway. 
Monty had a good run about in an empty field on our way but then went on a lead. The quarry is run as a nature reserve and we ask that those using the bridleways keep their dogs on a lead. We always keep to this with our dogs too. It was just as well on this occasion because if Monty was loose we wouldn't have seen this.

The deer was resting in a clearing in the bushes and ran off as we turned the corner. It then stopped a little way off where I could watch it from above.

What a difference it makes to have a bit of sunshine!

The primroses are really at their best now with some small clumps among the trees.

Then whole banks of them amongst the grass. It so difficult to do them justice in a photo such as looking up this bank.

You may be interested to know that back in the days when the BBC TV series Casualty was based and filmed in Bristol this bank was used as one of their locations. A schoolboy was pushed off the top by bullies and rolled down the hill (played by a stunt man!). 

No actors around on this occasion, just Monty coerced into a photo shot!


  1. a lovely walk - what a treasure you have with this reserve and as always delightful to see Monty

  2. What a lovely thing to do! I really loved my walk with you & Monty. The primroses on the bank take my breath away. I know what you mean about taking pictures of them. Do you go for the long shot of green with pretty yellow pillows or a close up of the beauty of the plant? I'll look at your pics instead. x

  3. Primroses are lovely! Hope there will still be some around when I visit!

  4. I think deer are such beautiful creatures. I find it so special to see one alive in the wild. Thanks for taking us for a walk in the sunshine, just what I needed.