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Tuesday, 26 April 2016

The Cycle of Life

One of the joys of farming is seeing all the young animals appearing each year.  We have the lambs, new calves and now some foals. We have one field where someone keeps some mares who are either expecting or have had foals. On Saturday I wandered up to see how they are getting on. There are three foals up till now.

Like all animals on the farm the mothers have the distinctive red soil staining their coats.

The backdrop is the Chew Valley and Chew Valley lake.

How lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place.


  1. Beautiful photos! The mares and foals seem very interested and ready to pose.

  2. Indeed; it's so lovely, and your photographs are gorgeous, too!

  3. There's something special about a foal. Love the third pic especially :o)

  4. what lovely tenants and a beautiful backdrop

  5. Ah the sweetness of new life. Do you know what the owner uses these horses for? They remind me of the Traveller's horses.

    1. Some of them are use for Driving. They sell a lot of them. Coloured horses like these are quite common around here.

  6. Who doesn't love to stop and stare when they see a foal? What lovely pictures