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Sunday, 10 April 2016

Spring Colour

The mild winter up till Christmas brought some of the spring bulbs on very early. Many of us reported on daffodils out in December and debated what effect it would have on Spring flowers. We need not have worried. The display of Spring flowers has been as spectacular as ever. Most of the crocus are now over but I have had quite a variety in my garden.

I rather like grape hyacinths unlike my niece who has diligently removed them all from her garden.

But what has looked the most spectacular? There is no doubt that it is the hosts of golden daffodils.


  1. How lovely. The ones I'm really waiting for here are the tulips. I have a big bunch outside my back door and I wish they would hurry up and arrive

  2. grape hyacinth are my favourite - plenty in my garden at the moment and yes teh daffs don't seem to have sufferred from some early flowering

  3. I was admiring daffodils the other day and was thinking the same thing, I am pleased that spring did not happen too early.