Monday, 25 April 2016

Memorandum Monday: A New View

Good Morning at the beginning of another week. Well I have a new view but more about that later. It is indeed time to think again of something new that's happened to join in with Sian at From High in the Sky  That's one thing about being in the countryside especially at this time of year. There is always something new appearing. Yesterday I showed some of the new growth in the garden and the same is happening in the hedgerows. I popped down to one of the fields to see how my daughter was getting on with her tractor work (more about that another day) and this was happening everywhere.

Isn't nature just beautiful?
Oh and the new view. Well to be truthful it's not a new view but a recovered view. It has been getting increasingly dark in our kitchen and conservatory. The hedge of pyracantha has got higher and higher. It does do a good job in stopping folks looking in when taking their horses out but my seedlings have been suffering and become very leggy. Normally I am holding back husband from wielding the hedge trimmer in the garden but yesterday  he didn't need asking twice. Out came the trimmer and the chain saw.

It wasn't long before it was gone.

Yes I know it looks a bit messy and bare at the moment but it will soon improve. The bonus so far is the view of the sunset I had last night. 

Let's hope the seedlings appreciate it too. Have a good week everyone.


  1. beautiful sunset - quite a change to your view - have a good week

  2. Lovely photos, Maggie. Chopping back the hedge has really has opened up your view - look forward to seeing more sunsets like that one.

  3. What beautiful pictures! It's easy to believe there are warmer days ahead as I look at these

    Wishing a great week

  4. What a view change - new perspectives are all good. We have been trimming back the evergreens but I do need to out there to supervise otherwise these shrubs would be bald!

  5. What a difference that has made. Sometimes in nature the old has to be cleared to make room for the new - you just gave it a helping hand.

  6. Great sunset. Spring is springing at a more normal pace for you than it is here where sudden warm temperatures bring everything on so quickly. 28 C today but due to rain tomorrow.

  7. How lovely to have been able to see that beautiful sunset xx