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Friday, 15 April 2016

Six Word Story: Laugh

This week's word for Miriam's  one photo with six words is laugh.  No apologies for popping back to the sheep again today. This little story shows why it is so important to check the sheep regularly. This little lamb had got through onto the wrong side of the fence.

                                         Don't LAUGH at me. I'm stuck!


  1. Oh poor wee lamb - so cute! Hoping she received help to get un-stuck.

  2. Slight poetic license here Mary Lou to fit the story. He was stuck in that he had managed to get the wrong side of the fence but didn't actually have his head stuck in it. It can happen though.

    1. thanks for the update Maggie. Glad wee lamb boy is safe in his own field.

  3. and of course I did laugh !

  4. I bet he was quite happy to be rescued

  5. I'm so sorry but I just couldn't help laughing! I know you were there to assist (after the photograph of course) Brilliant laugh and thanks for linking x