Monday, 18 April 2016

Memorandum Monday: New Arrivals

Guess who has arrived back in the last few days? The swallows! Flying around high in the sky and in and out of the barns. We are always delighted to see their return as it's a sure sign that Spring is well on it's way.  So that is the first new thing to happen around here this weekend to join in with Sian on this Monday morning.
Saturday turned out a little more hectic than I expected with a sudden decision to visit Sedgmoor Market for older daughter to buy some more stock. She wasn't looking for more of these.

Definitely not some of these.

Yes, you guessed. A few more of these.

She is getting used to bidding at market now with a little help from dad. The auction ring for calves is an extraordinary moving pen contraption that slides down the pens as the little calves are fed in and out of it. Quite a few were watched being sold before she made her choice for he new stock.

So three more calves are happily lodged on the farm now and have got the hang of the bucket feeding. Well almost!

It was also a weekend for trying out a new dessert on our Sunday visitors. A recipe from a friend that we have sampled many times but I had never made myself. Chocca Mocca Caramel cake which if you are thinking of starting a diet you had better wait another day.

Wishing you all a great week ahead and we will all be adding a few miles to our days to work off this yummy treat.


  1. lovely to see the hustle and bustle of the market and your cake yooks devine - have a great week

  2. The market takes me back. We used to have a market right in the middle of the country town where I was brought up and we would have to walk past the cows to get to the swimming pool from school on a Thursday morning. Now it's a supermarket and I do feel sad that the children are missing out on that experience now.

    Have a great week Maggie

  3. All those beautiful creatures, I would want to take them all home. I find I cannot attend horse auctions as it upsets me way too much. Oh that cake looks SO yummy, but I will say no thank you - trying so hard to food behave.

  4. I can vouch for the cake, it was amazing!

  5. the market looks a great place to go, those babies are so cute. Better say no to the cake although it looks delicious.

  6. Do you mean the little chap in the penultimate photo? I was away at the weekend and had to do a bit of a quick blog catch-up yesterday. I did read this post but sort of got distracted by the last photo, which stuck vividly in mind. Don't suppose there's any left? (Is it from BBC Good Food Cakes and Bakes perchance?)

    1. I do ! Yes it is a BBC Good Food recipe given me by a friend.