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Saturday, 9 April 2016

Birds in the Greenhouse

Last week I posted about my visit to The Sculpture Exhibition at Bristol  Botanic Gardens in Art in the Garden and Flowers in the Garden. Today I am going to give you a peep into the Glasshouses. There are four greenhouses open to the public. Once I was accustomed to the humid heat (fortunately I wasn't wearing my glasses) and my camera had demisted I was ready to search out all the bird sculptures amongst the plants. These are some of my favourites.

They are made from a variety of materials.

The ones hung high up or against the windows were not so easy to capture.

I love these clay ones.

This dove is perfectly camouflaged amongst the sage green leaves.

I nearly missed this wirey chappie.

These two faced each other across the pond. There is not a great deal in the pool at this time of year but I hope to go back to see the giant lily pads and the lotus flowers.

Should you not be able to see the Cormorant on the far side of the pool here he is. He's keeping a beady eye on you!

Then lastly this parrot looks like it is off!


  1. Amazing art in among the plants. I rather like the subtle dove in shades of green.

  2. So fascinating I must go there for a visit.

  3. these are fabulous and what fun to hunt them out as you look through the plants - I love the different styles but I think the wirey fellow is my favourite

  4. These are great! Hope you get back to see the lily pads too

  5. What a great collection, and what fun to find them all in amidst the plants!