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Saturday, 23 April 2016


I do love to see all the tulips blooming in the garden at the moment. I have really enjoyed browsing through JoAnn's blog Scene through my eyes  lately where she had the most fabulous pictures of the bulb fields. I can highly recommend popping over to see what she has to show.
I have been out and about to snap some of the lovely colours and shapes we have this year. Here is a selection of individual blooms.



Some groups.

Then lastly tulips amongst the spring blooms.


  1. Gorgeous! I love tulips, but the animals seem to like them even better. We do much better with daffodils.

  2. Well thank you for the nice comments about my blog. I do enjoy the flowers we have here. Your tulip photos are wonderful - I have those same white ones this year. I like the series of bud to opening. Lovely lovely lovely.

  3. beautiful and clearly you have been having some lovely sunshine too

  4. I do love tulips. My little bunch beside the back door has finally bloomed. I wish they'd stay all summer!