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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Willing Helpers

It is not only the swallows who come to visit us in the Spring. The weather improving brings other visitors out onto the farm. The pet lambs are always a great attraction to a lot of our friends and relatives. We have 7 pet lambs at the moment. Some of these are one of triplets where the ewe can only cope with two lambs. They can also be orphans or lambs who have been unwell. The poorly lambs who were in our conservatory progressed to a heat lamp in a stable by the house.

They have now returned to the shed and are with the other pet lambs. 
There are often volunteers of all ages to help with the bottle feeding including one of my ex- colleagues and her family. Feeding a lamb is definitely quicker than feeding a baby.

My mum and my sister were also keen volunteers.

The ewes and lambs who need an extra eye kept on them are in a small field near the farm. This little paddock is know as Yew Tree despite there being no Yew in sight which in view of it's poisonous nature is probably just as well. The name like many of the fields has been handed down from at least the last two generations. The ewes in this field are having a little extra feed and one lamb has a couple of bottles a day to supplement it's mother's milk. Our volunteer visitors have also been helping with these.

Older daughter soon had Auntie Julie helping out with the new calves too.

Not everyone is keen on the attention being given to the new arrivals.

Do you suppose a cow can actually feel jealous?


  1. As you say - two viewpoints on the day in our respective blogs - if I knew how to link them I would!

    I suspect the cows have a long enough memory to recall being fed milk like the new calves. And enough curiosity to want to see what is going on anyway!!

  2. so cute and I love the image of the jealous cow

  3. it must be a very busy time for you

  4. As always, your pictures are a joy. The fresh air is doing me good from here!