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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Blossom Time

When I visited my parents this week I could see the pink blossom of one of their cherry trees as I approached their house. It was looking it's best and looked particularly spectacular against the blue sky.

The bees were very busy visiting the flowers but were too quick for me.

They also have a white blossom cherry with a double flower. This tree is a little behind but will soon be in full flower.

Back at the farm our trees are not so advanced. We are much higher up and more exposed. The cherry is still in bud.

The plum trees are further on. The greengage has quite a few flowers. Fingers crossed for some greengages this year. I love greengages but the tree has produced very little over the last few years.

The Victoria plum is also beginning to flower. The tree was looking a little unhealthy last year but did produce a good crop. So it looks like toes as well as fingers will be crossed for a fruit harvest this year.


  1. Very pretty. The pink against the blue is very striking. We only just got the rose huts off the roses today & the soil piled around them is still frozen - blossoms are weeks away for us.

  2. beautiful - none out here yet

  3. Lovely set of photos; beautiful flowers! Can't wait to see the same here.