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Friday, 22 April 2016

Six Word Story: Enough

A visit to Sedgmoor Market does not only give you an opportunity to buy farm animals. There is a lot more on sale too. When I saw these I had to have a picture. The stall holder was rather amused and he offered to model a pair for me. I declined the offer and also thought better than to explain that I was taking a shot for Miriam's weekly meme Six Word Story. The word to be included this week being enough.

                                         Can you ever have ENOUGH boots?


  1. My husband would tell you, No, I never have enough boots! Though only 1 pair resembles these!

  2. Helena! my thoughts exactly. Equality and Diversity. Thanks Maggie I love this.
    We went to Sedgmoor 'market' to see Chas 'n Dave one evening. The evening of the cattle market during the day. The cattle were gone but their stench remained!

  3. What a fun photo. We call those the farmer greens (boots)! Of late the fashion is to have wellies in patterns & bright colours, me I like a nice serviceable pair in black - goes with anything - even shorts in the summer (lol).

  4. ..and this is why I love a slightly longer story as well as the short one. I'm glad you added the bit about the stall holder!