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Sunday, 12 February 2017

A Photo a Week Challenge: Details

I was interested to see that Marshaleith at Coolquilting has been following a new meme created by Nancy. You can read all about it at  Nancy's blog. The idea is that Nancy gives a subject matter and you provide a photograph to interpret it.
This week the subject is details showing a series of pictures showing the grand scale down to the detail. I have chosen Fox Glacier which during our trip to New Zealand we were able to walk within 480 metres of it.
The first photo shows the view from a far distance which we saw from a road the other side of Fox Glacier.

Then the view from the end of walk so the closest we could get.

Then the extraordinary rugged detail taken through a telephoto lens.

This last shows through a telephoto the water melt underneath and demonstrates the risk of ice dams holding the water back and then causing a flood of water.


  1. Great photos. Your new meme sounds like fun.

  2. Wonderful pictures. It looks like Middle Earth. :) Thanks for joining the challenge!