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Tuesday, 7 February 2017

A Slice of Naughtiness

When we were in New Zealand and we stopped for a cup of coffee there were some very tempting delicacies to go with it. Now it would have been most rude not to try some of them wouldn't it? A couple of my favourites were the peppermint slice and the ginger slice. I asked my auntie if she ever made the peppermint slice and she has kindly emailed me a recipe.
We were meeting some friends on Friday evening to go Ten Pin Bowling so I made some to take along to share as we played.
The recipe included a few things I didn't have so I had to improvise a bit from the kitchen cupboard.

Firstly I decided to make the base chocolate so instead of vanilla I added some cocoa. Then I was not familiar with the product copha which when I investigated is a coconut fat. I can see the advantage of this in that it would be white and hard. The suggested substitute was trex but I didn't fancy this so I used butter and some golden syrup instead of the copha and cream. I realised that I would not have a white filling by doing this so added a little green colouring! I also substituted butter in with the chocolate. The end result went down well.

I was on a roll now so I found a recipe on the Internet for Ginger Slice and hey presto!

I might  add that I have not cut it into the enormous slices they served on holiday which we often shared, after all the holiday is over now!


  1. Looking good... (but is that a Christmas tablecloth I see??)

  2. We make a peppermint slice over here and now I'm wondering if the recipe was transported over there. They certainly do make a delicious teat.

  3. Oh that ginger slice does sound & look quite tasty. That's the joy & fun of baking, substitutions can enhance and/or change the recipe entirely, such a fun way to bake ...