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Friday, 10 February 2017

Fur or Feather Part 1

I kept a little eye out when in New Zealand for a possible photo for No. 5 of the Winter  Photography Scavenger Hunt Fur or Feather. We saw quite a few possibilities. It was just a question of catching them with the camera.
There was a good range of birds. These shags were busy nesting and raising their young in the trees. Our elevated position on a river walk gave us a birds eye view.

I spotted a few of these Stilts whilst on a walk in a wetland area.

These birds didn't budge when we walked right by them on a deserted beach at Abel Tasman.

The Australian Black Swan is one of my favourites. There were a number of these in the harbour at Taupo.

There are quite a few flightless birds in New Zealand. This cheeky weka was intent on getting in our car. I suspect it was used to being fed which had sadly made it a bit of a nuisance.

The highlight for me was seeing this Yellow Eyed Penguin. I honestly thought we were going to leave New Zealand without seeing one. This juvenile was on the cliff at Curio Bay.

Tomorrow I shall move onto "fur".


  1. Oh very good! I vote for stilts or Mr Pingu there.

  2. Interesting collection of feathers - can't wait for fur.