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Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Beginning to Spring

It is surprising that even since we got home just over a week ago the Spring flowers are beginning to emerge. I now have quite a lot of colour in the back garden.
This Iris Reticulata that we bought last year at Birmingham University Botanic Gardens has been in flower for a day or so.

This cyclamen was bought at the same time.

Further down the garden there is more colour in the form of crocus.

They mingle well with the snowdrops.

Then peeping out of the side of one of my tubs is a single viola.


  1. Love the crocus and snowdrops together. I expect the crocus banks will soon be out in Victoria Park.

  2. Lovely close ups. Oh seeing spring flowers that are actually outside makes me cringe more at the 1/4" of ice on everything we have here this morning ... oh well our turn will come (in about 10 weeks).

  3. The viola is especially lovely. We have no snowdrops yet. Soon, I hope.