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Saturday, 4 February 2017

A Rose Garden of Distinction

We stayed at Invercargill for one night and chose a "Farmstay" B&B. The people we stayed with were retired farmers who now have a small holding. Pat and Frank were a very kind hospitable couple who asked us to join them in the evening. This gave Brian the chance to talk farming and answer many of the questions he had accumulated while we had been travelling.
Pat was also a keen garden and it was she who suggested that we should go and see the the rose garden in Queens Park. 

We were not disappointed.

It was really looking it's best and also had very clear labels.

The perfume was intoxicating.

Pat was delighted when I told her that it was one of the best rose gardens I had seen.

Well worth stopping by!


  1. Gorgeous place to visit & fantastic photos to capture the memory.

  2. I've been to several "famous" rose gardens, but never seen anything like this! Gorgeous!!!

  3. It looks enchanting! I will forever associate NZ with rhododendrons, rather than roses. Not sure what time of year it was but there were so many of different varieties and colours. At first glance, your photos remind me of those.