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Thursday, 23 February 2017

Pine Cones

A pine cone is alternative item A on the Winter Photography Scavenger Hunt list. The most obvious one for this would be one of the cones in my mum's porch which came in a flower bouquet.

I also found a few whilst in New Zealand. 

I can't say I am over happy with how well they have photographed. It is quite tricky to get the whole cone in focus.
I was also fascinated to see the carpet of pine cones which lay under the pine trees on the edge of Lake Tekapo. There seemed to be layers of cones from many years. Some still brown and others quite white.

I am sure that squirrels (of which there are none in New Zealand) would have a great feast on these.


  1. Nice array of pine cones. It always fascinates me that different types of pine cones that are produced by our local trees.

  2. I love to see the cones still on the tree and closed up. Imagine a world with no squirrels..