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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

A Variety of Churches

One of the items in the Winter Photography Scavenger Hunt is No. 17 A church with a spire or tower.  I may well at some stage photograph some of the many English village churches but for now I shall share some that we saw in New Zealand.
The churches varied from wooden to stone.
This is the Presbyterian church at Waipu. Sorry no tower evident.

This charming church was one we passed near Hokitika.

This Roman Catholic Church is on the edge of the much visited Arrowtown.

It has next to it an early school room that was run by nuns from Australia.

Perhaps my most favourite is the much visited church on the banks of Lake Tekapo.

This tiny church was in view of our room when staying there and we could see the large number of visitors at all hours. The church of the Good Shepherd was built in 1935 at around the time that the lake level was raised for hydroelectric power.

The church is also a popular location for brides to have a photo shoot. We lost count of the number we saw in the two days we were there!

You can see from the photo above the large picture window at the far end. It is only when you  enter this simple little church that you can appreciate the stunning tableau view that is revealed.

The view is approximately this.

It is not difficult to understand why it is so visited.

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  1. It's picture perfect. That modest little schoolhouse has really captured my heart though