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Tuesday, 28 February 2017

A Photo a Week Challenge: Edible

I am a bit later joining Nancy this week for her Photo a Week Challenge. This week the theme is edible. I took a peek to see what was out in the vegetable garden. This year we have had an amazing number of sprouts which are finally coming to an end. Older daughter will be very pleased to hear that. They are not her favourite vegetable.

While I was there I noticed the rusty red colour of the leaves on the remaining beetroot.

Then also the rhubarb just coming through.


  1. I always forget that this is rhubarb time. I'll have to look out for some. Thank you.

  2. Good catches with edible. Way tooooo early for anything in our gardens. I don't mind sprouts when roasted.

  3. Oooh yum sprouts - I wonder how much longer we'll be getting them. I'll have to try beets again some time but at the mo I'm counting my lucky stars not to have killed my rhubarb, which I split over the winter. It was meant to be dormant at the time but for some reason it was so early to shoot this year! No harm done.