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Saturday, 18 February 2017

A Photo a Week Challenge : Red

I am joining Nancy in her weekly challenge where she sets a theme to photograph. This week the theme is the colour red. I would agree with Nancy that red can be quite a tricky colour to capture. I have frequently photographed red roses to find they have just not come true to colour. There are however no red roses in the garden at this time of year. The birds have eaten all the red berries and and red flowers from Christmas are past their best. So where do I look? I tried some red leaves, some orangey red flowers and then I came up with an idea.
What red object is quintessentially British? Well actually there are two objects and this is one of them.
The red post box. Let's face it we even have a colour called post box red!

This particular box is in a local village called Regil (found on some  maps as Ridgehill) and is in the wall of the old School house. The letters at the top V R tell us that this post box originates from when Queen Victoria was on the throne. Just imagine the stories it could tell of the people who have passed by and the letters that have been posted here. It would be a very long book.


  1. I love this! And nice musings alongside.

  2. Very nice photo - success in capturing red & along with the musings. Yes I would wonder about all the letters posted & did they all arrive safe & sound & with the intentions that were posted with them.

  3. I love to see the older style red post boxes and phone boxes. The latter are a dying breed.

  4. I felt ridiculously pleased with myself the day I spotted a postman painting a pillar box and saw that the paint was actually labelled "pillar box red"! This is such a lovely example.

  5. Have been working backwards in catching up with your posts - now I know why so many iconic red items of street furniture!